So…This was a bit of a fiasco…I met Michael Rooker at Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on March 8, 2013.  The people working his table said no photographs with him, you had to get the professional photo ops if you wanted a picture with him.  I am assuming this was some type of agent/manager/contractual thing. It was NOT the venue. It also wasn’t Rooker, who, after the helpers finished their spiel said, “but if you’re standing by me and people happen to be taking photos of me that you’re like, photo-bombing, I mean, hey, that happens”.  That was how he felt about it and his helpers had no problem looking the other way. 

So…he asked my name and if it was Erin with an A? I teased him that no, Aaron is a boy’s name. We agreed he did not want to make me a boy.  I asked if he would write “Hear that bird?” because it’s a nice short line but it’s hilarious. I loved it in the show. 

He started telling me about how it wasn’t scripted, that he was supposed to just do something like kick dirt at the guy or something to distract him then shoot him, but then that bird just made noise and “Hear that bird?” was perfect. 

So we chatted and then I left…When I got home, however, I discovered something terrible! We had gotten distracted with chatting, and he never finished signing my book! He never actually signed his name. I was so upset.

I had tweeted about it, not to be an asshole or anything, I mean, it was an accident, but the end result is the same. No autograph. And after we weren’t actually allowed to take a photo at the table with him, to have paid for an autograph and not gotten it, I was really upset. As in, very sad. It kinda ruined my day. 

I really figured I was just SOL, and I probably am. But, Rooker actually saw my tweet and wanted to know what happened. He followed me and asked me to DM him so we could get that signature. He asked what item I was having signed, and when I told him, he remembered me. He also realized the big problem: getting the book to him to sign.  The convention was over, but he wanted to know how far I was from Cherry Hill, as he was flying out in the early morning but would still be there tonight.  Unfortunately, I live 4 hours away. 

We were messaging for about 45 minutes, he apologized and said it was very upsetting but “we need to make this right”.  It only we could teleport, because time and distance are the problems.  He said he was going to give it some thought and see if he could come up with something.  I told him it was okay. It was an accident. I mean, let’s face it. This guy has way better things to do with his time.  He told me that’s not true, that he feels responsible and we need to make this right. He said he is now a man with a mission to complete.

I think I will just have to keep my fingers crossed he appears at another convention I can get to this year or next. But I felt a lot better that he took the time out of his day to talk to me about it and that he really wanted to fix the problem.  If I could have made it back to the hotel at a reasonable hour (and not an 8 hour RT), I know he would have met me and signed my book, even during his down time. 

Rooker is THE MAN.

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